“Who is your muse?”: the unexpected collaboration

January 26, 2021 /

Karl Lagerfeld completely reinvented the iconic Tsingtao bottle to match it with its emblematic codes and made quite the impression.

Prada’s Next Step – Based on Business and Aiming at Humanities

September 7, 2020 /

In April this year, Prada launched the #Possible Conversations project, a program inviting representatives from the fashion, the art, the architecture and the film indust...

China’s Luxury Market Rebound Overview

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Surfing on the Animal Crossing Hype: The Convergence of Luxury Brands and Video Games

Gamification unleashes an innovative approach for the luxury industry to connect with Chinese young consumers. Case in point: Animal Crossing collaborations.

Luxury Brands Are Capturing the Huge Potential of Chinese E-commerce

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How WeChat’s “Channels” is Pushing Luxury Brands to Become More Social?

Moving along with the new trends, many luxury brands have already made social marketing an essential way to further their influence among the young generation.