Prada’s Next Step – Based on Business and Aiming at Humanities

September 7, 2020 /

In April this year, Prada launched the #Possible Conversations project, a program inviting representatives from the fashion, the art, the architecture and the film indust...

Inside China’s Domestic Tourism Market Recovery: How Gen Z is contributing?

China’s domestic tourism market is showing signs of recovery with new trends.

China’s Luxury Market Rebound Overview

COVID-19 swept the world, disrupting the annual strategy of fashion and luxury brands worldwide. China as the first country to recover is sending a positive signal of rec...

“Tourism will regain its dynamism”, Sébastien Bazin, CEO of Accor

Interview of Sébastien Bazin, CEO of Accor, about the group’s post-covid recovery

Make It or Leave It: Fast Fashion’s Post-Crisis Dilemma

Grabbing the opportunities of Asia’s economy rebound is essential to fast fashion companies to recover from the crisis.

Live Streaming as the New Frontier of Fashion Industry

China fashion offline retailing market has been hit by the pandemic and needed to shift online for new solutions.

A look into Chinese TV shows, with Vincent Sun from Shanghai Media Group

Vincent Sun is the Deputy Director of New Media Business Unit at Shanghai Media Group, 2nd biggest media group in China.

The Pandemic is Creating a New Way of Marketing for Sportswear Brands

Sportswear sales has grown faster in China than sales of luxury goods for the past five years, and it is especially the case during the pandemic.

Key Takeaways on China Under This Post Pandemic Time

While most of the Western countries are still trying to contain the situation, China is now stepping into a new normalcy.