« We went from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’! »

Interview of Jérôme Sans, Artistic Director, co-founder of Palais de Tokyo

The LV Livestream Fiasco: Is the King Naked?

On March 26, Louis Vuitton did its first ever livestream on Xiaohongshu. While it saw a positive engagement of 152 000 views, it was then followed by an internet storm.

Perfect Diary: A Perfect China Domestic Brand to Observe from the Past to the Future

Merely five years since its debut in 2016, Perfect Diary has made its reputation as one of the top cosmetics brands domestically and internationally.

China breathtaking architecture

April 27, 2020 /

Kris Provoost’s remarkable photos symbolize the extraordinary architectural creativity that marked the Middle Kingdom in the midst of an economic boom.

To Fashion Designer: How To Balance Creativity and Sustainability

April 24, 2020 /

We believe that designers can make the fashion industry more eco-friendly and more sustainable. Although there are still many challenges, we all know that changes are to ...

How is TV a mirror of China’s innovative creativity?

"My Future" has been a popular television show in China since its launch. It is successful in terms of audience (over 400 million TV viewers), performance and feedback on...

Lower Tier Cities are the New Engine for Luxury Consumption

While China’s top tier cities are highly penetrated with luxury brands presence, some 1 billion consumers living in tier-3 and below cities are also demonstrating stron...

What’s next? Greenext

April 23, 2020 /

Over the past century, the fashion industry has grown at a dizzying pace, championing the human experience of beauty. However, this beauty came at a price: the industry w...

ACG as New Touchpoint for Luxury Brands

To better engage the digital savvy young consumers, luxury brands are actively looking for new touchpoints to reach out, among them the ACG (anime, comics and games) cult...

E-learning is the new virus coming from China!

Tight quarantine measures implemented to stop the spread of the illness have led to an unexpected boom for at least one industry: online education.