Astrid Mauduit Rutkowski, founder of OUATE, on the new 2023 outlook for Asia

Astrid, founder of children’s skincare brand OUATE, talks about French beauty trends and the new outlook for Asia.

Dear Astrid, how are you?

2022 just ended and we faced so many challenges that year ! Which is the case for many companies, right ? I’m excited to start this new year 2023 with all my team and our partners !!

You just came back from Singapore where OUATE showcased during COSMOPROF ASIA, how did it go? What did you learn from the Asian market?

It was a great time and I was with many other French brands presenting our values and offers to Asian market. More than 350 qualified visitors to our booth, with high interest made me in a very good spirit. Asian market suffered but I could feel the heart beating and a will to see life and business in a positive way for the future. Ouate growth in Asia is definitively there.

Lots of people talked about your French Indie Beauty movement, can you explain us a bit more about it

The French indie beauty movement is a new wave of beauty, more committed to clean and green beauty values, more transparency for the consumers, with strong and distinctive added values, able to build consumer community to discuss and get improvement tips and considered as the new “boss”… they are able to offer more with less thanks to authenticity and transparency.

In parallel, we learn about your engagement in the COSMETIC VALLEY, congratulations! In your opinion how strong is the Made In France in the global scene and especially in Asia?

It is a difficult question ; is France still a center of excellence in cosmetics ? I wish so and with innovation investments supported by the cosmetics sector, we will keep our position and offer security, efficiency and french glamorous desirability.

Ouate was pioneer in the Chinese market to launch a new section about kids skincare. We also know that 2023 will be a pivotal year for your brand in China, can you tell us a bit more about your next steps?

Ouate has a key mission : learn children how to take care about their fragile skin with high quality formulas, clean and green, innovative textures, with evolutive ergonomic packaging and all with pleasure and fun ; a 360° approach which made a distinguish position in France, Europe and Asia. 2 years in a very high complex environment were necessary to evaluate our potential in Asia. 2023 will be the year of acceleration with access to domestic market. I’m so impatient to live this fabulous step, with our key partners !

Last but not least, could you share with us your 3 key tips to succeed in China as a French cosmetic brand?

1. Knowing how to surround yourself, with local key partners

2. Founders : Be involved as a key member of the team

3. Take your part by investing in brand awareness since the beginning

centdegrés has worked closely with Astrid since the early stage of OUATE, creating the brand strategy, product design, and visual identify design, as well as successfully helping OUATE enter the Chinese market.

We are very happy to see OUATE has obtained remarkable achievements today, and we hope the brand will have better development in the Asian market in the future!

Matthieu Rochette-Schneider, GM of centdegrés China