I-Beauty: let’s catch the wave!

Israeli cosmetics are world-renowned for their unparalleled quality, industrial innovation, and outstanding efficacy. Today, more and more Israeli brands are entering China, bringing high-quality and innovative beauty products to Chinese consumers, setting off an Israeli beauty trend.

Natural & organic

Israel’s beauty industry has developed rapidly, benefiting from the local hot weather and people’s need for skin protection. A large number and variety of plants and herbs are distributed in the diversified landforms between the western Mediterranean and the eastern desert, and often used in the cosmetics industry.  In this context, Israeli cosmetics and skin care brands also advocate natural and organic products.

Dead Sea

The unique resources of the Dead Sea are Israel’s pure natural treasures, rich in a variety of unique minerals, Dead Sea salt and mud. Its medical properties and therapeutic qualities are world-renowned. It also provides unique raw material development products for Israeli cosmetics. Many beauty brands from Israel are committed to bringing this gift from the ocean to more Chinese consumers.

AHAVA Dead Sea Laboratories was founded in 1988, by 3 kibbutzim living on the beach of the Dead Sea region. The founders were driven by a deep passion to unearth the secrets of the revitalizing effects of minerals on the skin. After 3 decades of dedicating research, scientists have developed 18 patented technologies, and the concept of Mild Skincare. AHAVA means love in Hebrew. We take Dead Sea resources and environment protection as our own mission and will continuously spread the natural wonder of the Dead Sea to the world.


Salvento Dead Sea skincare, located in Arad City, Israel, is 5-700m away from the dead sea. Founded in 1952, the company put forward the concept of global life science based on genetic research. Ben Gurion, the first president of Israel, personally visited in 1953. The company has been engaged in private customization and club consumption business. There are 27 top clubs in Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Hawaii and Austria. Entered China in 2015 and officially sold in 2018. At present, the average annual sales is 120 million yuan. The company began to expand the Chinese market. The product has been adhering to: health, natural, safety.

Technology & Innovation 

As a global research and development center, Israel has a leading technological level and a strong atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, and is in a leading position in the continued growth and innovation of the cosmetics and toiletries industry. 

Thanks to its deep accumulation of optics, laser technology, and radio frequency technology, Israel has created a large number of medical beauty projects, and has also brought many innovative “black technologies” to the world’s skin care field.


Excellent Quality 

Israeli beauty companies rely on high R&D investment, advanced production methods and modern laboratories to strictly control the quality of production and create high-quality skin care and beauty products. 

With strong technology endorsements, the Israeli cosmetics and toiletries industry provides a wide range of skin care products and beauty equipment, and sells them to the most demanding markets in the world, such as Europe, North America and Asia.

Healing & relaxing

Israel is the ties between East and West geography and culture. The long history has left a rich cultural footprint on this land, contains infinite spiritual power, and has witnessed the journey of people exploring the relationship between body and spirit. 

Coupled with the unique healing properties of Dead Sea resources, Israeli beauty products bring not only skin changes, but also a rejuvenation of the body and mind from the inside out.

Arts meet beauty

Israel attaches great importance to the power of art and humanity, and has the habit of the whole people keen to appreciate art, which is also guaranteeing the continuity of Israeli art. It absorbs influences from different cultures and societies, blending tradition with innovation.  The Israeli beauty brand integrates this attitude of art with life into the brand story and tone, sharing the inspiration of art to the world, and bring an immersive experience of beauty to China.

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