Mojito: The 2020 Summer Buzzword

Source: Perfect Diary Wechat Official Account

You probably heard about this huge phenomenon: launched on June, 12th, Jay Chou’s latest song “Mojito” has crashed the famous Tencent Music, becoming the most viral song of 2020 so far.

Jay Chou is a famous Chinese singer known as the king of Mando pop (a sub-culture of C-pop). Especially famous among Chinese Millennials, he made his comeback unforgettable.

Since the release of this new song, there has been an upsurge of interest towards the famous drink and more generally the Cuban culture. Between June, 10th and June 11th, the daily search volume on WeChat for the word “mojito” jumped from around 53,000 to over 2 million.

Surfing on this trend, many beauty brands quickly adapted their communication and promoted mojito-inspired product.

Makeup Forever’s eye shadows palette, Diptyque’s new perfume or even Perfect Diary’s latest inspiration have been appreciated by Chinese young consumers.

The Mojito trend is just another viral topic that brands are leveraging in the hope to create buzz and appeal to Gen-Z consumers. That is why brands need to adopt a constant social listening strategy and be able to act quickly.