How is TV a mirror of China’s innovative creativity?

Source: "My Future", Hunan TV

“My Future” has been a popular television show in China since its launch. Its particularity lies in its format both entertaining and educational. While the shows are highly creative and spectacular, they also convey meaning and knowledge. It is successful in terms of audience (over 400 million TV viewers), performance and feedback on social networks.

A perfect creative TV recipe?

The 12 prime time episodes broadcast on Hunan TV, the popular national youth channel in China, on Saturday evening were also broadcast on “Youkou”, the Alibaba video platform. This great entertainment show is fully in line with the country’s political will to invest massively in artificial intelligence and the promotion of the science of the future (more than $ 1 billion was invested by the government last year, especially in research and education).

The concept of the program puts forward all new technological inventions or data in order to show how inventors, scientists and data analysts can positively contribute to improve everyday life.

An original TV show, created in China

In an ultra-fun and spectacular spaceship setting, My Future is the first talent competition between technologies, showcasing face recognition, prosthesis tele-controlled by the brain, rescue drones; AR, VR, 3D…. Even if these inventions already exist today to a certain extent, how their application can impact and improve every aspect of daily life is not yet widely acknowledged.

Professional inventors or scientists with a solid reputation or references in the country, compete for the best invention for a better life. During 12 episodes, each scientist will introduce his invention or technology with extraordinary and spectacular demonstration to convince the audience on stage how positive their inventions. Their goal is to generate emotions and increase the heart rate of the audience in the studio as well as the TV viewers at home. At the same time, the production also leverages all possible means to help them showcase the inventions in the most incredible way.

This show is the first of this kind in the world. It is all the more original and creative as it follows the progress of Chinese society. Better than that, it anticipates the society of tomorrow in a unique and entertaining way.

Why is this TV show so innovative?

My Future is the first TV competition using Artificial Intelligence for the votes. AI ”Xiaobin”, a pink hologram in the image of a girl coming from the future, harvests the emotional data (the heart rate) of the public ! The 500 persons of the public wear a handset measuring the heart rate of each person during the spectacular and magical presentation of inventions on stage. A normal resting heart rate for adults is on average 120 beats per minute. Any heart rate that exceeds 120 beats per minute when discovering the invention is counted as 1 point. One invention can therefore achieve a maximum score of 500 points.

The one that touches the heart of the audience and generates the highest score wins the competition.

“The Future is in our hands. The future is us!” Exclaimed the 500 members of the public at the same time to open and close the show. A motto representative of the creative power of China Television programs.