Men perfume & personal care brand STR8 is arriving to China

Photo credit: Courtesy of STR8

Surfing on the rise of men beauty market in China, men perfume & personal care brand STR8斯特睿 (Sarantis group) is arriving to China this year, directly from Greece. Targeting young men, STR8斯特睿 has a strong storytelling, empowering men to turn their passion and strength into personal achievements. The brand is endorsed globally by world famous NBA (National Basketball Association) player, Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is a living example of those values.

We met with Petrou Takis, International Markets Development Director at Sarantis Group to talk about the launch of STR8斯特睿 in China this year.

What is the main strength of STR8斯特睿 ?

The elements of success for STR8斯特睿 is a combination of four major factors : 1. Perfume selection equal to prestige brands, 2. Unique metallic packaging (Eau de toilette tin box), 3. Prestigious looking in an affordable price and 4. Premium image-communication.

STR8斯特睿 is the Fragrance & Personal Care Line for Men, who urges young men  to “Go for Great” in Life.

How was your first experience with the Chinese market ?

Surprising, Interesting, Challenging. We were very impressed by Chinese people, their positive business spirit, their hard work attitude and organization skills, the really fast pace and their drive for success. This is definitely a country that will inspire the rest of the globe to move forward.

In fact, we have been preliminary exposed to the Chinese business environment through our participation at China Beauty Expo, the leading beauty exhibition in Asia, which paved our entry into the Chinese market. Following this ground, Sarantis group has exclusively partnered with distributor Qingdao Kingking, aiming to grow the Sarantis Brand Portfolio in the local market.

STR8 booth at China Beauty Expo 2018, where visitors could experience the brand universe, designed by centdegrés.
Product sample developed specially for China Beauty Expo 2018. Source: centdegrés

What are you expecting for 2019?

Our major business objective for China in 2019 is to successfully launch STR8斯特睿 in China, in both online & offline channels, by mainly cooperating with Top retailers, such as key HWB (Health, Wellness and Beauty) retailers and cross-border ecommerce retailers. We will support the launch with communication campaigns to make the Chinese young people love the brand and inspire them to “Go for Great”!

What is your main project for 2019?

FIBA 2019 Basketball World Cup will take place in 8 cities of China, from August 30th to September 15th 2019. STR8斯特睿’s global brand ambassador Giannis Antetokounmpo, “Letter Bro” as he is mentioned from his Chinese fans, is going to participate in this competition, playing for the National Team of Greece. Basketball being an increasingly popular sport in China, we plan to capitalize on his presence and this event, to increase brand awareness, induce trial and enhance engagement with our consumers. Online activations & offline events will be organized so that we can all together celebrate the STR8斯特睿 launch in China!

Giannis Antetokounmpo, NBA player and STR8 brand ambassador. Source: The New York Times (top), Sports Illustrated (down)

What is the strategy to target the Chinese consumers?

Capitalizing on the valuable knowledge of the men’s grooming & personal care experts (the KOLs), we aim to attract the interest of the Chinese consumers through their favorite channel of communication, namely the social platforms. Introduce the STR8 story, inspire consumers through the real life success story of Giannis Antetokounmpo, offer meaningful content and grooming tips as well as sampling opportunities so that STR8 fragrance & toiletries line becomes an indispensable part of their personal care routine.

STR8 Original Line. Source: Courtesy of STR8