Top 8 Brand’s Special Editions for 2019 Chinese New Year

As we usher in the Year of the Pig, we’ve seen many Chinese New Year (CNY) related special editions flooding the market, from all kinds of industries, be it fashion, beauty or food & beverage.

The pig and the colors red and gold prevail in the design of the CNY special editions. In the Chinese culture, red stands for good fortune and gold for prosperity. As for the pig, it is an age-old symbol of luck, wealth and abundance.

During this time of festivities, gift offering being a very popular tradition, many brands saw an opportunity to tap into this market and at the same time, enhance client engagement by designing special editions that are as much as possible in harmony with the local culture. It is crucial that designs are made in a smart and respectful way. Indeed, Chinese consumers have shown a growing interest and sensitivity towards their own cultural heritage and how brands are composing with it.

Here is our TOP 8 of 2019 CNY editions in the fashion and beauty industry.

Gucci x Disney

Gucci chinese new year 2019 special edition
Source: Gucci

In partnership with Walt Disney, Gucci chose a playful approach to celebrate the Year of the Pig.  Based on the famous tale of “the three little pigs”, the collection shows cute and funny creations, that still respect the brand’s identity. A successful launch that immediately went viral on the Chinese social media scene.

Longchamp x Mr Bags

Longchamps x Mr Bags special editions for CNY
Source: Longchamps

Longchamp teams up with famous Chinese influencer Tao Liang aka Mr. Bags (5+ millions followers on Weibo) to unveil a special edition of its iconic bag Le Pliage Cuir. While the shape remains the same, the design features pig characteristics (tail) and color (pastel pink) for a sober and elegant result.


SK-II chinese new year special edition
Source: SK-II

A strong symbol to represent the pig is of course the corkscrew tail! That is what the Japanese beauty brand chose to highlight on its star product. The result is a classy red bottle with two elegant light pink loops, to pay tribute to the Year of the Pig.


MAYBELLINE special 2019 chinese new year edition
Source: Maybelline

Another brand that met a huge success is the Maybelline makeup kit released in a Mahjong box. A smart and playful way to merge cosmetics and Chinese customs, especially since playing Mahjong is a very popular tradition during Chinese New Year.


Chloe 2019 chinese new year special edition
Source: Chloe

Probably one of the most interesting collection of 2019: Chloe’s Year of the Pig capsule collection, designed by artist Rithika Merchant. The colorful and symmetric illustrations elegantly feature several pigs, while recalling Chloe’s SS19 debut collection. This original and feminine collection has been praised by Chinese consumers. x centdegrés centdegres crossover chinese new year 2019
Source: centdegrés

Global design agency centdegrés teams up with, a young and fresh brand whose objective is to promote Chinese culture through funny creations. The crossover creation is a traditional Chinese mug coated with the playful message: “I’m a little pig”, with a dominant light pink color. An original and refreshing approach to celebrate the Year of the Pig.


Foreo Chinese New Year special edition 2019
Source: FOREO

In collaboration with Disney Toy Story, Swedish beauty-tech brand FOREO unveiled the Disney Pig Hamm Facial Cleaning Set. A girly and playful beauty kit containing its star products redesigned for the occasion.


MAC lucky red collection for Chinese New Year 2019
Source: MAC

If the red is the symbol of joy in China, it is above all a sign of luck!

This is the main idea of the MAC CNY capsule collection, a red lipstick and powder palette in a limited edition named “Lucky Red”. MAC chose to feature the character “福” (Fu, meaning good fortune) and to omit the pig.

Extract of "What is Peppa?" teaser
Source: Screenshot from “What is Peppa?” short film

Let’s finish with this last example. Disney is not the only popular licence featured during Chinese New Year: Peppa Pig is also widely seen this year and recently went viral. Early January, a five-minute film “What’s Peppa?” was unveiled as a teaser to prepare for the movie “Peppa Pig Celebrates Chine New Year” which will be released on the first day of the Lunar Year. Moving viewers to the tears, it quickly went viral on Chinese social media and was viewed more than 200 million times. It may be one of the most successful examples of the localization of foreign content in China.